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The Firm

ANDRADE&ANDRADE is a law firm dedicated primarily to Intellectual Property matters. We serve national and international clients that support our vision of high quality legal services with efficiency and trust.
Our IP practice is one of the oldest in Ecuador. Our high qualified personnel is capable of giving sound advice, litigate, conciliate in all IP areas, including but no limited to, copyright counterfeiter, patents, industrial designs, utility models, within others.

Our service philosophy is oriented towards total satisfaction of our clients in order to obtain results. For this purpose, our firm focus in their professionals, their expertise and hard and efficient work.

Andrade & Andrade has put enormous effort to maintain the highest technological level up to actual standards. All its personnel is using up to date data base and communications to put our legal expertise in favor of our clients.


Our firm has a legal network in all Latin American countries. Scale economy allows us and our correspondents register and legal advise in different countries of the region, including Mexico, Central America and South America, United States and European Community. We have competitive fees.

Our correspondants are located in: Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Brasil, Colombia, Republica Dominicana, Belice, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haití, México, Hondura, Panamá Nicaragua, Perú, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Caribe.


Dr. Luis Andrade Nieto started his law practice in the area of Intellectual Property in 1960. Later, Dr. Miguel Andrade Cevallos joined the law firm which is now named ANDRADE & ANDRADE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM. The firm is one of the oldest intellectual property law firms in Ecuador.

Due to its long trajectory in the area of intellectual property, the firm has gained the trust of numerous corporations and law firms around the World. Our representative clients domestic and foreign are well recognized. Our continuous involvement with intellectual property practice has allowed us to be members of the most important associations in the international level such as ASIPI, IBA, INTA, IPBA AND AIPPI.

Our intellectual property department has developed one of the most advanced data based system in Ecuador. We have updated information that allows the firm to continuously watch our clients trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property requirements in a sound and speedy procedure.

Feasibility studies, search requests and other intellectual property information could be obtained instantaneously. This up to date information allows the firm to properly advice and defend our clients against third party wrongful acts.

We have a solid relationships with firms around the World, specially in the Andean Common Market countries. Registration in these countries is a common service that we provide.

Some of our representative clients are: Levi’s, Gap, Lacoste. LG, Korg, Lavazza Blue Best, Victoria’s Secret, Mancesa, New Horizons, NY & CO, Outback Steakhouse, Schneider, Snoopy, Telemecanique, El Corte Inglés, Western Union, Diamond, Anakin Skywalker, Saladmaster, Starry, Bank of America, Viztazo, Hogar, Estadio, within others.

Our office has handled cases involving litigation with regard unlawful competition, piracy and other related proceedings associated with transfer of technology, licencing, software and others.

Fees and Administration.- In this field we follow international well known practices. Prior to define our professional relationship with our client, we conduct a prior investigation of the matter involved; then we provide an initial opinion and finally we present our agreement that includes the fee schedule based in the time that the case will demand.


The firm follows international standards with regard fees and legal compensation. Prior to accept a case or legal matter, we conduct an investigation and then we produce a legal opinion in order to have an agreement with the client that will include our compensation based on the time and complexity of the case.




- Doctor in Jurisprudence and Attorney: studies in the Central University of Ecuador.
- Post-graduate course at Nueva York University
- Professor at the Universities; Central of Ecuador and Catholic of Quito
- Alternate judge of the Superior Court of Quito and the Supreme Court of Ecuador
- Alternate Representative in the Congress of Ecuador
- Legal Counselor for the President of Ecuador
- City Counselor in the Quito Municipality
- Vice president and Mayor of the city of Quito
- Member of the Bar Association of Quito; Vice president and treasurer and President of the Ethics Comité of the Bar Association
- Counselor for Ecuador of the Inter-American Bar Association
- Vicepresident for Ecuador of the Internacional Union of Lawyers
- President of the National Comités for Protection of Intellectual Propperty
- Member of Internacional Associations of Lawyers: Inter American Bar Association, Internatinal Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property


- “Arbitration in the Ecuatorian Legislation”, presented at the meeting of the International Bar Association in Vancouver, Canada

- “Intellectual Property rights as collateral for financial operations”, presented at the Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association in Bangkok.



Dr. Miguel Andrade Cevallos is an Attorney at Law and Doctor in Jurisprudence since 1984. Dr. Andrade Cevallos holds a master’s degree in Comparative Law from the University of Miami, and has participated in several courses on Intellectual property, business administration, corporate law, tax law, succession law, and arbitration and mediation. Since 1991 he has acted as an arbitrator at the Quito's Chamber of Commerce Center for Arbitration and Mediation. He is the author of several publications related with software protection under ecuadorean laws, author of the book "Management of Corporations under Ecuadorian Law". Dr. Andrade Cevallos is also a university professor and correspondent for international legal magazines. He has experience in the fields of flower-growing, commerce and technology, with an emphasis on computer law as he was a legal adviser for IBM-Ecuador for over 10 years.


- International Trademark Association (INTA)


Some articles in Lawyer Magazines.
Author of the book “La Administración de las Sociedades Anónimas en el Ecuador”, Quito 1993.
LES INTERNACIONAL, Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual, Software en el Ecuador. (Bogotá – Colombia).
TAX LAW International. Varios artículos sobre Impuestos.
La Equidad en el Proceso Arbitral.



- Linguistics and Administration Degree
- Administrator of Trademark an Patent Department


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