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Propiedad Intelectual


The Law Firm ANDRADE & ANDRADE will register commercial names, trademarks, patents,and any other intellectual property right in Ecuador, following these steps:

1.- Feasibility Study. ANDRADE & ANDRADE, using the data base of the updated registeredtrademarks, will initiate with a search of similar trademarks and analyze the possibilities ofregistering a trademark.
2.- If there are posibilities, the firm will continue with the application, including the filing andprosecution of the trademark matter before the Ecuadorian Intellectual Property Office.
3.- Finally, once the trademark has been published in the Official Gazette, and the time foropposition has been concluded, the Trademark Office will issue the resolution and if it wouldbe favorable, the mentioned institution will issue the corresponding registration certificate.The monthly watching service of a client’s trademark to avoid that third parties can try to getadvantage of its intellectual property rights will be done by our Firm after the registration, freeof charges for our clients.

In Ecuador, the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Propiedad Intelectual, is the institution in charge toregister trademarks, patent, copyrights, plant varieties, modifications of registrations and allmatters related to Intellectual Property. It has offices in Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca. TheLaw Firm ANDRADE & ANDRADE covers these three principal cities of Ecuador. For anyadditional information about this institution, you may write to


It is well known that trademarks; specially owners of trademarks have to be careful of theirproperty in order to avoid bad use of third parties, who can put in danger their rights. Our IPLaw Firm has a watching service ready to detect any bad use or infringement of IntellectualProperty Law. Reports of any news are sent by pdf or word format and if we are required, wemay send authentic copies of said reports.

Our firm does not charge any cost for these services.


O ur report and feasibility study use the latest technology of Intellectual Property data base.Each report fixes the sounds, the appearance, the meaning and inclusive the posibility ofphonetic changes, which can also be applied to other languages and its translations. It alsoincludes design search.

To our Ecuadorian clients, our foreign correspondents are able to do the search, not only inUSA, Canada or European Union, but also in any other country around the World.


Our services include the following benefits:

1.- Montly, through e-mail a status report of each one of the trademark applications in process.
2. We inform in due course any news or notifications issued by the Ecuadorian Trademark
Office.3. In case of opposition, our firm is in charge to represent its client’s rights.
4. We have an established fees to those trademarks which have not been subject to opposition.

If there is an opposition, we will send a competitive fees to defend the client’s rights and advisethe better choice. Our Schedule of Fees includes the cost for faxes, couriers, photocopies,digital photos, between others. We are also in charge of legalizations, notarizations, inside theRepublic of Ecuador.

Our compromise to our clients is provide them the following service:

1. Keep our clients informed
2. Quick and effective answer through e-mail; providing photocopies about matters referred toclient’s property.
3. We are not the biggest, but we are the best.
4. Personalize services from the partners, who will attend personally.

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